If you’re reading this, you may be considering supporting Neighborhood Feminists (NF) through your business. We’re grateful for your interest. To continue doing our work, we depend on support from people like you, which is why we’re reaching out to businesses like yours. 

You have a vested interest in the well-being of your employees and the communities where you operate. We have a mission to improve lives in Amsterdam — in part by working to end period poverty. 

Partnering with NF allows your business to leverage its resources, expertise, and networks to help fight poverty in Amsterdam. It clearly demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility and community investment. As a result, this will enhance your reputation, visibility and build goodwill within a broad constituency, including your customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Together, we can make a tangible impact on gender equity, participation, productivity, public health and well-being.

For us, collaborating means co-creating shared goals and objectives that reflect both our mission and goals and your business’ community engagement priorities. Not only to foster a sense of joint ownership, but to build toward a longer term partnership.

We want to develop customizable partnerships to address your specific preferences and priorities while offering flexibility. For instance, you can:

  • contribute through in-kind donations, volunteer support, or fundraising initiatives
  • increase your impact through financial support that is coupled with access to professional skills training, or marketing resources for cause-related marketing initiatives

In terms of exposure and recognition, partnering with a young, results-oriented non-profit focused on ending period poverty can generate positive media coverage, social media engagement, and public relations opportunities for your business. Your business can increase brand visibility and reach new audiences by:

  • sponsoring awareness campaigns or events  
  • being featured in press releases, or 
  • highlighted on our website and social media platforms

Your business can benefit from increased employee engagement and satisfaction by supporting a cause that resonates with your workforce. Offering volunteer opportunities, organizing team-building activities, or matching employee donations can foster a sense of purpose and community within the company.

From our end, we commit to clear communication throughout our partnership. We intend to invest in regular check-ins and provide updates on program progress, impact metrics, and upcoming opportunities for involvement. We will also seek feedback and input to continuously improve and strengthen the partnership.

NF is proud of what it’s accomplished since 2019. In 2022, the results of the first quantitative research on period poverty in Amsterdam triggered the introduction of a bill in the Amsterdam city council. In 2023, the council mandated the city’s responsibility to address the issue through product provisions and education, and NF received its first subsidy from the city. This progress motivated us to take the next step, seeking funding for delivering educational community workshops on healthy menstruation by certified trainers, by mid-2024.

Collaborative efforts to tackle period poverty foster solidarity and collaboration among businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and community members, strengthening social cohesion and resilience. A partnership between your business benefits both. 

Bottom line, your support to a young, local non-profit benefits us, you, and the city of Amsterdam. Together, we can directly contribute to broader social, economic, and public health objectives within Amsterdam. 

Yes, we are ambitious: our vision is to make our period poverty work obsolete. But we can’t do this alone. Help us bring the basics and a dose of dignity across Amsterdam.

Let’s have a conversation about specifically how your business can best partner with Neighborhood Feminists. For more information, click on the contact button to directly reach Tammy Sheldon, NF co-founder and board chair.

Beyond contacting us directly, you can also visit these links: