Rutte Cabinet Collapses : a brief explainer of the ‘Toeslagenaffaire’ and why it matters

Today the Dutch governing coalition stood down after an independent report confirmed tax authorities falsely accused over 26,000 parents of fraud, requiring them to pay childcare benefit debts that did not in fact exist. The government’s actions led to family bankruptcies, depression, divorce, and evictions, and targeted those with dual nationality and of limited means. […]

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Statement on global Black Lives Matter protests

We at Neighborhood Feminists like to get stuff done.  We like hands-on, practical solutions.  We also like justice, and basic human rights. Doesn’t seem the least bit remarkable, you’d think, except that persistent, pervasive institutional racism, in our workplaces, schools, streets, and lives–also carried out by government bodies we fund–is a real thing. This is […]

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