You may be reading this because you’ve found our NF Community Library, stocked with some great intersectional feminist, anti-racist and community-building reads. Our books are meant to be shared. Bring them back for others to enjoy, or pass them on to someone else. In each book, we’ve added a QR code that brings readers and the curious here. Welcome!

Wandering through some of the residential neighborhoods of Amsterdam, you can sometimes stumble across a neighborhood library. They come in all shapes and sizes. We love reading, and love seeing more and more of these community initiatives set up on street corners or beside the entrances of people’s homes. It reminds us that many others love reading and sharing books, too.

We wanted to find a way to encourage that love for reading as well as our passion for building from within the community but also for feminist activism/thinking. While taking action on this has been on our back burner for a while, we’re happy to announce our own little library in Zuidoost.

Knowledge is power.

This little community library is located on the outside of the building where we have our office, for easy access day and night by our neighbors and passersby in Reigersbos. In fact, you may be reading this thanks to a QR code we’ve placed in the books. But for those who don’t yet know, the NF Community Library is located at the back entrance of the Kazerne Reigersbos, 100 Remmerdenplein.

Choose a book, read it + pass it on.

Because we hope these awesome books get passed from hand to hand, neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, not all the books will be returned, but we’ll work on keeping it stocked. For us, the intent is to continue to develop ways to more broadly share intersectional feminist and anti-racist perspectives and learning across the city. What would you like to see in our library? 

P.S. You’ll also be able to find the exact address of our library and lots of other little libraries around and beyond Amsterdam at: and this map, run by @minibiebsofAmsterdam (found on Insta). What will you read next?