As Neighborhood Feminists Foundation, we’ve dedicated ourselves since 2019 to improving people’s daily lives in Amsterdam, aiming for equity + representation for marginalized communities

Working from an intersectional feminist perspective, we provide the resources people require through:

We directly address immediate, pressing needs, for example through our 60 Menstruation Stations, which are self-serve cabinets stocked with free period products.

We complement direct action with research-based work toward structural change, in collaboration with legislators and other non-profits, in order to sustainably improve equity and representation. 

We engage in targeted education, online and across communities, to increase personal autonomy and engagement over the long term.

… and there’s more to come!

Across Amsterdam, people who menstruate count on our support every month. Unfortunately, periods don’t stop for anything, including poverty. Thanks to generous donors, we’re able to ensure that those in need receive the necessary basics. Period poverty is the lack of access to the products needed for a healthy and dignified menstruation. Our quantitative research shows that period poverty affects a significant number of people in Amsterdam — well over 66.000.


Dignity Kits distributed


Period products distributed

3600 +

People supported monthly

Across Amsterdam, we bring the basics and a dose of dignity.

NF in the media: Het Parool, Feb 2024 [NL]

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