Neighborhood Feminists was founded in 2019 by three individuals who met through activism. Founding members Anneloes, Camila and Tammy have diverse backgrounds and collective experience in grassroots organizing, (international) development projects, and other kinds of community-based activism. The NF team consists of the board, two staff members and some fantastic volunteers, who give Neighborhood Feminists more latitude as an organization to handle projects beyond Menstruation Stations, as well. (And if you’re inspired to join, fill out our form!)

Lotte van Es, secretary she/her

By day, Lotte explores contemporary photographic practice as a curator and collection manager at Huis Marseille. Off-duty, she’s a self-proclaimed pottery pro and board game boss. Her creativity and empathy fuel her work – and as the secretary of NF Lotte doesn’t just take notes, as she likes rolling up her sleeves and getting busy with NF’s practical activism.

Photo credit: Nadine van der Wielen / Snap Me Pretty

Morganne Kroon, general board member she/her

Activist at heart, consulting by profession and board member in her free time – Morganne has been able to apply her skills learned in the private sector to Neighborhood Feminists work. She has an academic background in Business Administration and Development Studies and has gained professional experience as a credit controller in the past. She now works as a human rights and social performance consultant.

Photo credit: Nadine van der Wielen / Snap Me Pretty

Rhiannon Tjin-Kon-Koen, treasurer she/her

With a Masters in Accounting & Control and a specialization in sustainability, Rhiannon excels as a freelancer in sustainability reporting. Her commitment lies in integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles within the corporate world, striving for sustainable business practices. In her free time, Rhiannon enjoys mindful activities, fostering personal well-being and balance.

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Shadi Nikshomar, general board member she/her

Public representative with a particular focus on equality and justice. Currently pursuing a Politics, Philosophy + Economics degree. With a background in organizing & campaign strategy, she is engaged in advocacy and public affairs for Neighborhood Feminists. Shadi loves reading, but tends to buy books more than she reads them.

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Tammy Sheldon, chair she/her

With a ‘free-range’ background that includes community organizing, photography and project management, Tammy is equally into creating change, connecting people, overthinking, hope–and dark chocolate.

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Anneloes Dijkman, Camila Montecinos Díaz + Tammy Sheldon

Andrew Leliendal, project staff member he/they

Creative and an autodidact at heart. A musician who loves woodworking and design, but also has a lot of experience in logistics. With a background in the squatting movement and community organizing, Andrew has often witnessed the challenges and advantages of self-organization and strongly believes in collective action based on realistic ideals and mutual aid.

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Sara Foughali, coordinator she/they

Originally from the suburbs of Paris, Sara can usually be found listening to podcasts or Jamaican music on their way to a capoeira training. They are an all-rounder with a versatile work experience in IT, marketing and operations, and are passionate about social justice. In charge of coordinating our team of volunteers, logistics – and more!

Photo credit: Nadine van der Wielen / Snap Me Pretty

You may download our annual narrative and financial report over 2023 here directly! On some mobile devices, opening that link may not work: you can also flip through the report here.

We have been granted official ANBI status by the Dutch government; this means all of our activities are for public benefit, all co-founders and board members are volunteers, and all donations to Neighborhood Feminists are tax-deductible. Click here for our ANBI information.