Neighborhood Feminists was founded in 2019 by three individuals who met through activism. The founding members have diverse backgrounds and collective experience in grassroots organising, (international) development projects, and other kinds of community-based activism. They’ve since been joined by a small but growing team of fantastic volunteers, who give Neighborhood Feminists more latitude as an organisation. Keep an eye on this space, as we will periodically spotlight what drives our volunteers and who they are. (And if you’re inspired to join, fill out our form!)

Our website is in English for two main reasons: the three of us have three different native languages, and the women we work with speak a myriad of languages too. English seemed the best middle ground! If you get in touch with us though, feel free to send a message in Dutch too (or Spanish, or French!).

Camila Montecinos Díaz

Psychologist and therapist from Chile. Living in The Netherlands for about two years. If I’m not napping with my cat you may catch me working at the dance studio. In charge of stock and assembly coordination for our Dignity Kits project.

Tammy Sheldon

With a background that includes community organising, photography and project management, Tammy is equally into connecting people, overthinking, hope–and dark chocolate. Handles outreach and promotion.

Anneloes Dijkman

NGO program manager with a background in international development currently going through law school. Passion for hands-on community activism, illustration, photography, a million other hobbies. In charge of general organizational management, administration and logistics for our Dignity Kits project –and all of our own drawings are by my hand!

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We have been granted official ANBI status by the Dutch government; all of our activities are for public benefit and none of our board members get paid. Click here for our ANBI information.