As we head into election week, the biggest takeaway is that we must make our voices heard.  Our voices are stronger together. So encourage others to vote, too!

The rights and well-being of individuals at all intersections of society are endangered by the pandemic and the climate crisis. Add to that the rise and normalization of the extreme right, and it’s clear we face a lot. We need politicians who share our priorities. 

It’s easy to assume that as an individual you can’t make a difference, but please know your vote is more important than ever. 

  • Did you know that in 2017, just 66% of people aged 18 – 24 voted? Among those aged 25 – 32, just 82%. (Ipsos) Yet policy decisions made by the politicians elected next week will affect younger people most of all!
  • The Netherlands counts 13 million voters. 3 million of these voters typically do not vote during Parliamentary elections. Voter turnout is even lower for municipal and provincial elections. Every missed vote is a missed opportunity!

Remember your power. Remember we help shape our community and nation when we go to the ballot boxes. Help ensure the officials who represent us really do represent all of us.

Vote in a representative who actively fights for equal opportunity and dignity for everyone, regardless of background. 
Vote for a candidate who takes into account the needs of people with disabilities, of migrants, who stands up for trans bodily autonomy and the rights of sex workers. 
Vote for a candidate who acknowledges institutional racism and commits to toppling it. 
Vote for someone ready to substantively address the pay gap. 
Vote for someone with a serious, comprehensive response to climate change. 

Want to see genuine equality in the Netherlands? Then vote for a representative who takes equality as seriously as you do.

The choice you make as a voter leads to the change you want to see.

Are you a first- time voter? Just not sure who to vote for? Feel overwhelmed? No sweat, you’ve still got a few days to figure out how best to use your vote, and you can use the online resources we’ve shared this week, such as (NL), (NL), or (NL/EN).

 Use your power.