Today, we’re launching our first-ever Neighborhood Feminists campaign, with the direct fundraising aim of providing more period products and essentials for people in Amsterdam who can’t afford them. (Of course, it’s all online, in keeping with the restrictions of the times…)

Period poverty in Amsterdam

Here’s the hard truth: in Amsterdam, 1 in 5 people live below the poverty line–and period poverty affects nearly 1 in 10 people who menstruate. So in Amsterdam alone, period poverty–or the lack of consistent access to period products–affects about 26.000 individuals. This means people must go without period products and hygiene essentials in order to purchase other basic necessities, such as food. 

With the ongoing crisis, the number of people who have to make tough choices between their basic needs continues to grow. Period poverty most affects those lacking a secure housing situation or papers. Among other local actions, Neighborhood Feminists provides period products and other essentials through Dignity Kits across Amsterdam for people facing the greatest risk. We are one of the only groups to be systematically addressing this need. Unfortunately, the need for Dignity Kits is far greater than can be  currently met. 

How to support

That’s where you can come in, dear Reader. One Dignity Kit (which lasts about 1 month) costs about €15. We are asking you to consider becoming a monthly donor today. Your tax-deductible donation will go entirely to filling more Dignity Kits, so we can consistently provide more people with the period products they urgently need. 

Virtual honor wall

To show our appreciation for your recurring donations, your first name –hand-drawn street art style by local artist and NF fan Suzero – will join the names of other new monthly donors to grace a virtual honor wall, here on our website. We’ll update those names periodically during the March campaign. 

Limited edition NF journal

In response to donor enthusiasm, we’re also offering a limited edition, illustrated journal, created by Suzero with input from our volunteers, for all recurring donors who bring in another recurring donor. You can watch the making of at the end of this page! It’s our way to welcome more active supporters as members of the growing Neighborhood Feminists community. (Be sure you note which donor brought you to us while donating, so we know to give them their journal!)

Our mission

We started from a 2019 living room conversation about taking hands-on local action in feminist and anti-racist projects. While we’ve certainly kept busy since that first talk, expanding both activities and our grassroots team, our mission remains simple: to make a real difference in people’s lives, working from a feminist, intersectional, and anti-racist perspective. Beyond the Dignity Kits project, we continue to work on long term projects, working for systemic change through municipal advocacy and building awareness through community workshops and online actions. Particularly during this campaign, check us out here and on Instagram every day this month, while we explore issues that matter locally and what you can do about them.  

So, to recap…

Our March 2021 campaign around learning, growing and taking action starts today. Here and on Instagram, all month long, we’ll be getting real, talking about those ideas and issues that matter, sharing voting tips, providing updates on key events, and generally serving up some good intersectional feminist energy, while marking International Women’s Day. Keep your eye on this space!

In order to better help our neighbors, our aim is to earn the support of at least 75 new monthly donors

Will your name be one of the first on our virtual honor wall?

Watch the making of our new limited edition notebooks!