For over two years now, we’ve been providing Dignity Kits to at-risk people, mostly women and girls, living in Amsterdam. Each of our Kits includes menstrual products as well as basic toiletries; the Kits are regularly delivered at shelters and meeting points in Oost, Centrum and Zuidoost. Unfortunately, these Kits meet only a fraction of the current, actual need in the city. In order to better meet this need, we are launching Menstruation Stations. These Menstruation Stations are awesome little cabinets stocked (and kept replenished) with free period products for anyone in need, no questions asked.

Period poverty is all too real in neighborhoods across Amsterdam (and the Netherlands, for that matter). As proud as we are to live here, we also know that 1 in 5 people in this city live below the poverty line, and that some 26.000 people in Amsterdam regularly struggle to afford period products. We find that unacceptable anywhere, but certainly in such an otherwise wealthy city. Through these Menstruation Stations, we broaden our fight to end period poverty–because we firmly believe that people should be able to access period products as needed–regardless of their circumstances. We’ve said it before, but being able to keep yourself clean is fundamental to a personal sense of stability and autonomy. 

Our very first Menstruation Station is now in place at the Moses & Aaron Church in Amsterdam. The church is a hub for at-risk folks, whether undocumented or homeless (or both). Moses & Aaron hosts dinners, as well as a food bank and a ‘know-your-rights’ desk, run by @amsterdamcityrights, so it is an ideal location. 

In the coming days and weeks, we intend to set up more Menstruation Stations in locations of greatest need, but we’ll need your support.  It takes just EUR 40.00 per month to keep a Menstruation Station filled. Help us roll out more Menstruation Stations–keep in mind that 100% of your donation will be used to buy products. If you can, please consider donating to make a dent in period poverty and keep our Menstruation Stations (and Dignity Kits) going!

The poster on the front of our Menstruation Stations