We’re gearing up for our collab research project with Opinium which officially starts tomorrow. We hope you’ve marked your calendar and that we can count on you to help us spread the survey link far and wide in Amsterdam! 

As we prepare for this launch, we’ve also been busy advocating. Last night, NF coordinator Nicole Römer spoke to the full district committee for Amsterdam Zuidoost about the rise in period poverty over the past years, what NF does to tackle period poverty, and the help that we need from our politicians and policy makers. 

During this meeting Madhavi Gharbharan of GroenLinks Zuidoost presented the motion on period poverty which she submitted together with Claudia Esajas of D66 Amsterdam. Their motion calls for free period products to be supplied in public buildings, as well as menstrual health education in schools.

Whether at city-wide or district level, local government has a crucial role in ensuring people’s basic rights, so we’re happy to see period poverty on the docket at meetings like these. Our survey will help show policy makers that period poverty is a very real, very current issue in our city, so that’s why we need your help to share it widely! 

Want to know what we said at the district committee meeting? View Nicole’s speech (in Dutch) below, or read the document underneath the video for the full transcription (and click here for Dutch).

A short clarifying note: In our speech, we say that the little quantitative research that has been done tells us nothing about undocumented communities or gender diversity. However, this does not mean that these groups have not been included in any research. For example, the Bovengrondse work from 2019 was specifically focused on introducing period poverty as an issue affecting the undocumented community and others at risk; it was just not quantitative research.