And just like that, our 2024 fundraising campaign comes to a close.

Heartfelt thanks to every single donor, and a very warm welcome to our newest recurring donors! In total, we have received €3.000 in donations. Together, we make the difference.


Periods don’t stop with the end of a campaign, however. Given that we hit 60% of our goal, we do hope to welcome additional donors in the days and weeks to come. Reaching our goal of €5.000 means we can continue providing a base level of support in Amsterdam for those most in need.

We saw this campaign as an opportunity to spread information about period poverty — the basic facts as well as our 2022 quantitative research findings. Unlike our previous online awareness actions, however, this campaign was powered by guest artists, because we recognize that art, in whichever medium, can help us better understand stigmatized, multi-layered issues like period poverty. The whole NF team is grateful to the solidarity shown by these artists, some of whom also previously supported us during Wieden+Kennedy’s 2020 art show fundraiser for NF. In order of campaign appearance, our thanks goes out to:

Maite Prince @maiteprince
Anne-Sophie Jongmans @annesophiejongmans (video below)
Karen van de Kraats @karenvandekraats
Lienke Raben @lienkeraben
Door van der Keur @doorvanderkeur
Fran Marchesi @franmarchesi
Noa Redero (not active on social media)
Morgane Lambert @moontherocks
Treshna Aleida @treshnaleida
Alizée Nicole Bollen @alizeenicolebollen
Mario Hounkanrin @mariohounkanrin
Zarlasht Zia @zarlashtzia

To find out more about each of these very special artists, have a look at the original campaign posts in our Instagram feed. We would be remiss if we didn’t also extend a special thanks to Alice Miskin of Wieden+Kennedy who helped us bring together these gifted artists. Here’s a look back at the artwork generously created to support Neighborhood Feminists’s direct period poverty actions:

To everyone who contributed, whether as an ally, volunteer, donor, or artist, thank you for your solidarity. Together, we really do make the difference!