Since 2019, some things have remained unchanged:

We want to continue providing essential period products to those in need. Over the past year, however, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the use of our Menstruation Stations, with usage of our Stations doubling since last year. This surge in demand for free period products underscores the ongoing (and growing) need in our city. We as Neighborhood Feminists remain as committed as ever to meeting this demand. We’ve gone from helping 11 people a month back in 2019, to now helping around 4.000 people every month. And that progress happened while we were publishing original quantitative research on the issue and successfully advocating for longer term, sustainable changes at the municipal level. 

We reach the people we do thanks to you and people like you. It always bears repeating: we simply cannot do what we do without direct support from volunteers and donors. And we’re calling on you now to help us meet our goal of continuing to provide essential period products to (growing) numbers of those in need. With sufficient awareness, commitment and engagement, this problem (which shouldn’t exist) is eminently solvable.


This funding will enable Neighborhood Feminists to continue to provide essential period products to growing numbers of those in need. With sufficient awareness, commitment and engagement, this problem (which shouldn’t exist) is eminently solvable.

Our 2024 campaign theme is TOGETHER, WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE …simply because it really does come down to that. We spoke with gifted, local artists, asking them the question: “What does period poverty look like?” 

We can’t wait for you to see their responses. From May 28, every day for 14 days, each of these artists will take over our socials, bringing together their creative gifts and their unique perspectives to communicate hard period poverty facts and findings from our 2022 research.

Illustrator Maite Prince (whose work is featured here), will lead the takeover on Tuesday. Keep an eye out for her on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We’re so very pleased to shine our little spotlight on all these gifted, engaged artists willing to roll up their sleeves to raise awareness and funds. 

Here’s what helping us can look like:

By donating now, you help ensure that we can continue to support communities in our city. Your contribution is tax deductible. And as always, 100% goes to keeping 60+ Menstruation Stations all over Amsterdam (like this one) filled with essential period products.

As a recurring donor, you could cover one menstrual cycle with just €4/month. With €80, you can keep one average Menstruation Station stocked for a whole month. With matching support from your employer or friends and family, you can further increase your impact.

If you already donate, please consider a one-time or recurring increase.

By liking and sharing our daily posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, your regular engagement will directly boost our message.

Spread the word about our campaign on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to help us reach others who are equally passionate about making a real difference today. 

As a primarily volunteer-run group with modest means, our success has been built on the support from others. You can easily help us by using the visuals, language (and hashtags!) in this folder to make your own post or story to raise awareness and the needed donations online from Tuesday onward.

Periods don’t stop for poverty. We believe people should be able to menstruate safely and with dignity. With your support, we can ensure fewer people in our community face period poverty alone, positively impacting equity and public health. Together, we make the difference.

Join these artists, join us. Help make a lasting impact by donating to our campaign and sharing today to support more of those most in need.