As the days once again shorten, we’ve taken to lighting candles in the evenings. (Boo Daylight Savings Time!) Nevertheless, our moods remain buoyant, thanks in part to the light and lovely perfume lingering in our new workspace from shampoo bars donated by Lush, the natural cosmetics company. 

We’re also most pleased to announce that, starting today, all the Lush stores in Amsterdam will showcase our Dignity Kits Project and Neighborhood Feminists. This also means that, for the coming week, all proceeds (excluding BTW) from the in-store sale of their sumptuous ‘Charity Pot’ hand and body cream, featuring us on the label, will go to Neighborhood Feminists… and during this week, Lush will be talking about stuff that matters to us on their social media, such as period poverty and taking feminist action locally. 

We’re all the more excited about this corporate support because Lush has a conscientious model to making and selling their (vegan) products that we can really get behind –not to mention their long-standing commitment to advocacy, outreach, and supporting small groups doing good stuff– like Neighborhood Feminists. While covid-19 will no doubt impact sales, every penny will be put to good use… and we love the chance to touch on the issues that matter most to us with a new audience!

For more details in English, check this out (from their US site). Kijk voor meer info over de Charity Pot in het Nederlands hier.