In the past few weeks, coronavirus infections are once again on the rise in both Belgium and the Netherlands, where the increase is the highest in Amsterdam and Rotterdam…so we continue to wear face masks, even in places where it’s not currently required. Chalk our attitude up to ‘better safe than sorry,’ out of the wish to limit the risk of our infecting others, even asymptomatically, keeping in mind potential contact with those at higher risk.

Wearing masks is still mandatory on public transport–but the women we supply with Dignity Kits usually don’t have the means to purchase masks–whether single use or reusable. As public transport is generally their only way to get around (beyond walking), their need is clear, but masks also serve as a reassuring extra preventive health measure for them while they’re out for groceries or other essential reasons.

Folks at both the shelters we work with have confirmed the need for masks is only growing. So we were delighted when someone reached out to us to offer home-made, reusable masks as a donation. What a wonderful idea! 
Are you a sewer and making masks already? If so, would you consider making an extra one for a woman in need? Or are you picking some up for your near and dear, and willing to grab a couple more to donate? Drop us a line: mask by mask, let’s look out for one another as a community and help protect our collective health!