Period poverty is one aspect of poverty, but it’s also a matter of public health, equality and dignity.

How does period poverty affect some people in Amsterdam? Find out more in these clips below, and do keep issues like period poverty in mind when you research and decide who to vote for on March 15!

Our research developed together with Opinium researchers late last year confirmed that 27% of those who menstruate in Amsterdam have experienced period poverty in the past year. Despite growing attention to this issue, the increase in daily costs of living as well as record energy costs mean period poverty continues to affect more people in our community.

So what does period poverty really mean for those who are at risk? NF co-founder Tammy Sheldon and social worker Nadia Balkoudia, also known as @DeVerzamelvrouw, take a closer look.

We need strong, clear political responses to this increase in poverty–keep that in mind when you vote in the upcoming election. Do they work for the whole community–or for the billionaires? On this International Women’s Day, you can look into what legislators really support before voting for them on March 15.

The impact of period poverty on undocumented people

The impact of period poverty on young people