The UN has declared an expected total exodus of some 5 million Ukrainians, with hundreds of thousands already on the move in the violent wake of Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. The first Ukrainian asylum-seeking refugees have already arrived in the Netherlands. Just as with other refugees, Neighborhood Feminists will help Ukrainian refugees to the full extent of our capacity. 

Responding to the extraordinary numbers and urgency at the borders, we called for all Neighborhood Feminist volunteer hands “on deck” this week.

The result? We were able to pack over 250 Dignity Kits with hygiene and period products, and these Kits are now headed to the Polish/Ukrainian border and Kyiv, along with products such as baby food and baby formula, which we received as donations. A heartfelt thank you to all those who made this possible, from volunteers to donors to ally organizations in Zuid-Oost and across Amsterdam. All the responsiveness, ingenuity, and collaboration is so encouraging! 

Let us be clear, however. Regardless of how prominent the conflict is from which refugees are fleeing, or whether the issue is war, economic survival, or physical safety as a result of who they love, refugees (and migrants) deserve full basic rights as humans. Yes, we can’t directly help all of the millions of refugees the world over. We can’t currently help all those currently in the Netherlands–but we can consistently care for every one of them, regardless of how far they have traveled, the color of their skin, or the religion they practice. 

Neighborhood Feminists will continue to stand up for and beside our newest neighbors, from Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, and elsewhere, just as we stand in solidarity with refugees from Ukraine this week and going forward. We remain especially concerned for the most vulnerable refugees, including those at the Ukrainian border experiencing delays, abuse, or denial of entry due to racism because they happen to be Black. 

Neighborhood Feminists believes there is room in all of our hearts for all refugees and migrants, whether from Ukraine, Africa, Asia or the Middle East. We believe that caring can translate to collective, practical form online, by “feeding” media with relevant article clicks, and by reflecting and amplifying strong public support. We believe that in raising our individual voices collectively we can ultimately influence government will, and that our consistent support is vital because the basic rights and needs of all people should be honored. 

We warmly thank you for any support you have provided or continue to provide!