Here at Neighborhood Feminists we talk a lot about how it takes a village, and how our work wouldn’t be possible without support from you and others in our community. Tackling period poverty in this city feels daunting at times; there are lots of people in vulnerable positions and many steps needed before we are able to eradicate period poverty for good. That’s why it warms our hearts to see our allies stepping in to support us in the fight. 

As you may know, in December we hosted our first ever IRL campaign in Amsterdam. Together with our collective, allies and friends, we took to the streets to put up our posters and stickers. Shout out to Feminist Collages Amsterdam for all their help with postering! Our aim was to get the conversation about period poverty going in Amsterdam and to ask for financial support for our period poverty initiatives. And you sure showed up for us! Through spreading our stickers far and wide, sharing our social media posts, talking to your friends and family about period poverty and even donating to our cause, you showed us that solidarity is alive and well. 

One of our allies who really showed up for us is Nederland Wordt Beter. We are so thrilled that they will be stocking a Menstruation Station for a whole year. We want to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to Nederland Wordt Beter founder Jerry Afriyie and the whole team for this generous donation, and to acknowledge how special and important it is when small-sized organizations show up for each other.

As social justice organizations, our work can feel overwhelming at times. It can also feel as though we are all busy in our own bubbles, but all our fights remain interconnected. Our relentless pursuit of equality for all genders must go hand-in-hand with the pursuit of equality of all races, religious expressions, physical and mental abilities and so much more. We all need each other. 

In talking about the Nederland Wordt Beter donation, Jerry Afriyie put it so well: “I look around me and it’s always (Black) women doing the heavy work in our movement. I find it unacceptable to think any of them or any others going home and finding themselves coming short in this way. There are many parts to a movement, including needs that go beyond those a Black man like me has. Even if Nederland Wordt Beter is a small organization, it just makes sense to me that we work together and support one another.” 

Our solidarity and support for one another is crucial. We fight the good fight alongside so many kickass organizations here in Amsterdam. And, once again, we are reminded that showing up for one another is one of the most valuable things we can do.

Do you want to know more about Nederland Wordt Beter’s work or do you want to support them with a donation? Check them out here.