We’re back from our winter pause and what proved to be another very busy year. The highlights of the past year have been overshadowed by devastating developments that have seen us take to the streets (along with many others) in protest. Now and always, we stand in solidarity with people experiencing displacement, genocide, ecocide, or violence, whether in Palestine, Congo, Sudan, Yemen or elsewhere in the world. As the civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer declared: “No one is free until everyone is free.”

The work continues, however, and our central aim to fight period poverty remains unchanged in 2024. We’ve no doubt said it before, but many hands make light work in the ongoing fight, and the new people we’ve met willing to help us out, whether with time, specific skills or funds have been points of light in our 2023. What’s especially energizing is when we get to meet with whole teams of folks, as organizations come together as a team to pitch in, making a real difference locally by volunteering with us.

It was therefore a particular delight to roll up our sleeves together with the wonderful team at WaterBear Network. Such a nice extra surprise to receive this little capsule of the day we spent together, so here it is for you to watch, too. Warm thanks again to Kate Mitchell and the whole crew for their help and this video diary!

(Video credit: WaterBear Network)

Here’s hoping 2024 has moments of similar energy, community, and connection. For us, you, and people everywhere!

Would you like to set up something similar for your team, or brainstorm other ways we could work together? Discover how you and your organization can be an ally, how volunteering directly supports our cause while promoting a culture of local engagement and social impact – drop us a line at hello@neighborhoodfeminists.com and let’s make some great plans for 2024!