In just one month–ongoing pandemic notwithstanding–we voted in parliamentary elections, marked International Women’s Day (joining the Women’s March in Zuidoost!), and took part in the protest in Westerpark against racism and fascism. 

We also ran our first awareness and fundraising campaign. On the awareness side, the “Learning, Growing + Taking Action” campaign took a closer look at 

While there’s always more for all of us to learn, we shared some great resources, news, perspectives, and  practical ways to, well, take action

We slowed down long enough to give you a sense of who we are beyond our values and actions, with the help of gifted photographer (and NF volunteer) Nadine van der Wielen.

On the fund-raising side, we asked you to support us in our effort to tackle period poverty right here in our city, by becoming recurring donors. And you did, oh, how you did:

Art + animation credit: Suzero
Music credit: Scott Holmes

Each name on our virtual wall of honor belongs to someone who decided this March to structurally support marginalized people most in need. That act of generosity, taken by each of these people, has positive effects that ripple beyond the individuals directly helped, touching our neighborhood in ways we’ll never fully know. Helping in constructive ways truly matters–especially during times of crisis. Thank you to all of you for being the change.

There are many different ways to help. Some became one-time donors, and our gratitude goes out to Sarah, Charlotte, Marie G, Geraldine, Jorien, Alexandra, Laurence, Marie V, Pauline, Claire, Aurélie, Marjorie, Astrid, Loïs, Kareem, Lidia, Theau, Caroline, Max, Maria, Delphine, Frédérique, Alessandro, Gabriella, Charlotte, Shelley and Shana. Thank you for bringing invaluable support and sunlight during the too-grey month of March! 

Others reached out to us about becoming volunteers, so you may catch a glimpse of them or their work in the coming weeks. 

We don’t post every day on Instagram, but throughout March, thanks to our volunteers (and especially the tireless, generally awesome Lizzie), we brought you info on the daily…and we passed the 1 000 follower milestone during this awareness campaign. (If you aren’t already a follower, join us on Instagram where we post more regular updates.)

In the coming days, we’ll be presenting some of our recurring donors with the Neighborhood Feminists journal, as a thank you for the extra steps they took to highlight the issue of period poverty and support what we do by themselves bringing in new recurring donors. We particularly want to recognize the efforts of Natalia, Sabine, Nicole, Ivanka, Sarah, Clotilde P, Alice, Elsa, Freddie and Faith. We’re so appreciative of your time, enthusiasm and support, all of which help grow the Dignity Kits project. 

As a special heads-up: we’ll continue gifting the journal (custom illustrated by Suzero) while supplies last, to be able to help more people in need. Let us know if you’d like any tips on reaching out to others.

We’re a very little organization with very big plans, and so many of you brought us that much closer to achieving them. Watch this space and Instagram for updates on Dignity Kits and our upcoming projects. Onward!