This December, when both means and shopping opportunities are more limited for many, all the more reason to find gifts that are special in all kinds of ways. With this in mind, we’re opening up a small feminist raffle starting today and running for the next two weeks, until December 20.

As always, all proceeds will go toward our projects — and specifically to menstrual products for those in need in Amsterdam. This means you’ll be spreading a lil’ feminism in this world while also contributing directly to the most pressing needs of at-risk women. We will be sure to enclose a gift card explaining the difference your gift makes.

Because we want everyone to be able to partake, raffle tickets are on a pay-as-you-can basis — you can enter right here, or at the bottom of the page!

Our raffle prizes are perfect for yourself, or may come just in time to treat someone on your short list for Christmas giving:

Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde

This tremendously influential collection of essays and speeches is a must-have on any feminist’s bookshelf. First published in 1984, Audre Lorde’s observations continue to resonate for so many to this day. She spoke with considered force and remarkable clarity about her experiences as a Black woman, lesbian, poet, activist, cancer survivor, and mother.

We are beyond pleased that Uitgeverij Pluim has just released a Dutch translation of Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider. The winning ticket holder will have the choice between a volume in Dutch or English!

Vulva holiday decoration

Hang this 3D-printed, resin-filled, sparkly ornament in your Christmas tree or on your wall/in your plant/from the lamp/at your desk year round! We love the work of Rosanne Niericker, who through her shop Rosie’s Rivets keeps that feminist, activist energy going strong in her creations. This year, she’s made a rather unforgettable ornament for the tree…

As she says herself: “The base is printed in white PLA and I only use left-over glitter in the resin. As glitter is a microplastic and I strongly dislike micropastics (who doesn’t, really?) I had to find a way to get rid of my own (and other people’s) glitter surplus. Add a *dash* of feminist activism and behold the result!”

“The future is inclusive” pin

Let everyone you meet know what you stand for with this beautifully designed pin by Hilde Atalanta. Celebrate diversity & inclusivity, and show your support to all genders, sexualities, cultural backgrounds, ages and body types! You might know Amsterdam-based illustrator and painter Hilde from the Vulva Gallery project.

A custom portrait

We continue to receive compliments about Neighborhood Feminists’ style. All credit to Anneloes’ graphic talents. So the fourth item to be won is an A4-sized portrait of the person of your choice, using a photo you provide, hand-drawn by Anneloes.

You can choose between receiving a digital version (to print yourself or do whatever you like with – and you don’t have to wait for shipping!) or a printed version on fine art paper.

Want to have a chance of winning one of these prizes?

Then get a ticket for the raffle through the button below! And we do not discourage entering multiple times to increase your chances 😉 Good luck!